Workshop Services – Vehicle repair, maintenence & upgrades


Driving should be smooth and free of surging, stalling and jerking. All these are signs of trouble in the car’s engine. From diagnosis, minor repairs to engine supply, fitting and remaps we have got you covered.


Suspension damage is not only a potential MOT failure, but it can also make your car dangerous to drive on the road due to unpredictable handling. We can check and cure any suspension issues you have from springs, shock absorbers, struts, linkages, bushes, bearings, joints & can carry out conversions too.

Air Conditioning Service

Vehicle air conditioning systems can lose gas over time. Your air con system should be checked, recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. We start by inspecting the system,no leaks etc.. Then we drain and vacuum the gas and finally recharge the coolant gas to the correct level and inject fresh lubricant oil and leak detection dye if needed.


It’s essential that the clutch is working correctly and that wear is monitored as a failed clutch can make selecting gears quite hard. We can check, supply and fit clutches, Dual mass flywheels & solid flywheels preferably using OEM brands such as LUK and Valeo.


Using a combination of diagnostic tools & physical checks we can help advise the best course of action for your transmission trouble, whether it be a software update, a reconditioned unit, a new one or a simple oil change we can help.

Towbars & Offroad Equipment

Here at Strattons we can supply an increasing range of mounted and detachable towbars, winches, winch bumpers & offroad equipment which provides a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and other work based challenges that the day brings.


Stratton are able to repair or replace all exhaust parts for most cars and vans including catalytic converters, downpipes, diesel particulate filters ,silencers, manifolds, gaskets & mountings. If you need a check, let us know.


The tyres we supply are with you in mind which is why we can offer both budget tyres and branded superior tyres and have them fitted & balanced too. We can also provide wheel alignment & tracking services.


Interim, full & major services can be carried out using replacement and OEM parts. Genuine parts can be supplied and thus new car warranty rights are maintained. we can tailor a service to your needs or we can use a combination of service history, mileage & age to work out what service is required.


An MOT test is an annual safety inspection which ensures that your vehicle meets road safety, environmental and legal standards. Once three years old, your vehicle must be MOT tested every year. We are able to test class 4,5 & 7 vehicles.


We provide high quality Reconditioned units, new turbochargers and a turbo fitting service for all kinds of vehicles.


At Stratton we work on all different types of braking systems, so whether your problem is worn discs, pads, shoes, faulity callipers or sensors our staff can help.


You don’t have to go to a dealership to have your dash lights diagnosed. We can perform a diagnostic check on your car using the latest Autologic diagnostic software which can read the majority of fault codes stored in a vehicles memory system. We can also program Land Rover Vehicles such as Keys & towbars.

Vehicles covered by autologic:

Audi BMW Citroen Jaguar Land Rover Mercedes MINI Peugeot Porsche Renault SEAT Skoda Volkswagen Volvo

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